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The Harry's Group Full Range of Services to Inspect & Protect Your Investment

  • Pre-Purchase Property Inspections
  • Building & Timber Pest Inspections
  • Pool Safety & Certification
  • Abestos Inspections
  • Home Microwave Safety Checks
  • General Pest Control
  • Termite Prevention *Ezy Pay
  • New Home Termite Protection


Pre Purchase Property Inspections cover :

  • Interior of the building
  • Exterior of the building
  • Roof space
  • Under sub-floor space
  • Roof exterior (subject to occupational health and safety regulations)
  • Garage, carport, garden shed and outbuildings
  • Steps, fencing, paths and driveways

      Education & Protection for YOU the Purchaser


Pool Safety & Certification

A Pool Saftey Check helps to prevent Children

                       Under 5 drowning

  • Ensure your Pool meets Saftey Standards
  • Written reporting and certification
  • Avoid harsh penalties from local council and governments
  • Pre-Purchase Pool saftey Inspections - ensure your buying a safe property.


Domestic and Commercial Pest Control

  • Termite Inspections
  • Domestic  Pest Control
  • Commercial Pest Control
  • Ants and Spider Spraying
  • New tenancy Pest Control
  • Term X Reticulation Termite Barriers
  • Chemical Termite Barriers
  • Environmentally Safe Chemicals
  • New Building  Part A & Part B  Termite Prevention Sprays


The Harry’s Group  aim is to deliver a high quality service at a competitive price.

We work for you, the purchaser, to ensure you understand the fi­ner details of the property to support  you in making an informed decision.

Hidden defects, evidence of termites and unsound construction will inevitably cost you thousands. Our aim is to ensure you purchase a home that is built to last with no hidden surprises.

We understand you need only specialist that have the qualification  extensive knowledge and years of practical experience in building and pest inspections, termite detection and prevention.

Without a Harry’s Pre Purchase Property inspection, which can include both building and timber pest , you could be leaving yourself open to the very real risk of unseen structural damages and tens of thousands of dollars in repair work.


Don’t leave yourself open to the real risk of unseen structural damage and tens of thousands of dollars in repair work.


 Working For YOU so you can:

Buy with Confidence


Our inspectors are fully Insured licensed property inspectors and fully accredited technical pest managers.